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The Ohio Military Reserve is a component of the Ohio Adjutant General's Department and serves under the governor as commander in chief. Its primary mission is to provide a fully-manned and mission-ready civil support and sustainment brigade to support the state's Emergency Support Function 6 (mass care) and Emergency Support Function 7 (logistics and resource support) during natural or man-made disasters or other threats to homeland security. In order to accomplish this mission, OHMR units are trained in medical support, volunteer reception and management, shelter management and logistics support in addition to basic soldier skills. Our core competencies are training to National Incident Management System (NIMS), Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS), and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards.

Citizens of Ohio, from all walks of life, serve a proud and personally rewarding tradition as members of the OHMR. Use this site to learn more about your state defense force. Prior military service is not required to be a member, only dedication and a sense of duty to your fellow citizens. Visit our recruiting links to speak with a recruiter in your area. Click here for more information.

COL Wayne T. Woodall
Ohio Nationl Guard
(Adjutant General's Dept)
Ohio Emergency
Management Agency
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Members of the media are encouraged to learn more about the Ohio Military Reserve and its activities throughout the state. Contact the representative of the Public Affairs Officer, 2LT James Trakas, for more information.